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Cocoa Reserve Bank

Following a global shortage of cocoa beans, the chocolate Federal Reserve is established in the City of London for trading, protecting and indulging in this luxurious substance.

The façade of the building monitors the trading values of cocoa beans, allowing traders to constantly survey the shifting of chocolate. The building enables customers to taste different types of chocolate in elaborate tasting rooms, whilst enjoying views of the chocolate Federal Reserve, located in a central courtyard. The Reserve is protected by 8 brass bands that function like an armillary sphere around the central chocolate sphere. The room within the banking area of the building have a clear hierarchy of exclusivity, all respond to the number of views that can be enjoyed of the Reserve. The bank has a unique roof lighting system that filters out UV light to protect the chocolate, with curved acrylic panels that diffuse sunlight and brass chandeliers to correct the tone of the chocolate exhibited in the building, enhancing its aesthetic qualities.

Tutors: Nicholas Szczepaniak & Jonathan Walker, University of Greenwich 2016.

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